Our Story

The Roots Run Deep 

The founder, Keith “Doc” Ainsley, started collecting urine from four doe in 1995. The buzz of Doc’s fresh deer urine caught on leading to the establishment of Doc’s Deer Farm and Scents in 1998.  From 1998, Doc’s grew to become a full service scent company specializing in preservative free Deer Urines, Cover Scents, Attractants, and Scent Elimination. 

In January 2012, Kyle Clark (originally from Warren, OH) and his wife, Shari, took over Doc’s. Kyle, having worked at Doc’s during high school, had fond memories of the deer herd and knew that Doc’s was something special.  The change in ownership has re-invigorated the Doc’s brand with a firm commitment to quality and customer service that is second to none in this industry.

The bottling and distribution facilities are still proudly located in Cortland, Ohio. Every bottle of Doc’s Deer Urine is not only 100% FRESH and Preservative-Free, but our Urine is collected from Whitetail Deer that have achieved 15+ years of CWD Accreditation and Doc’s is a founding member of the ATA Deer Protection Program.   

We Know Collection 

With a firm foundation in deer farming, Doc’s developed the patent for one of the only two patents held in the Deer Urine Collection Industry. Doc’s Two Deer in One Stall and One Bottle collection technique gives you the Doc's "Double Doe" guarantee to double the smell, double the attraction, and double your chances. 

Quality and Customer Service

Over the last 19 years, Doc’s has developed a full hunting and fishing scent line that puts quality first. We are so particular about the freshness of our Deer Urines that we always BUY BACK all of our fresh urines from retailers at the end of each season.  This assures fresh, current season scents every time you purchase Doc’s products.

If you ever have questions, please feel free to reach out to Kyle or Shari. They are available from sun-up until lights-out seven days a week to answer questions.